God’s Heart for the Nations

Growing a heart for the things God cares most about

HOW have you been blessed? God’s blessings include senses, like seeing, tasting, hearing, and feeling. They include the people He has brought into our lives, such as our family, friends, and neighbors. For most people God has provided a job or jobs. His blessings also include opportunities in life, like influencing others, being influenced, living where you live, and experiencing diversity. And of course God’s blessings even includes material things.

Gods Heart For The Nations

What’s the purpose of those blessingsWHY do you have the abilities, people, family, job, or influence you have? Yesterday I preached the answer from Psalm 67. HERE is the audio. Below are some notes to help grow your heart for the things God cares most about… THE NATIONS!

5 Keys to Pray Effectively

A Call to Pray

Last week I posted this question on Facebook: “Learning to pray more and preaching on prayer this month. What have been the biggest influences on how you pray?” I received a number of comments, including some great book suggestions and even a movie suggestion! Here’s my favorite comment: “You can read books and see formulas but there is no substitute for just doing it!

Yesterday I preached the second sermon in our series Pray: Growing a Heart for the Things God Cares Most About. This message was simply, “A Call to Pray.” HERE‘s the audio. Below are 5 the five keys to effective prayer via Nehemiah 1.


Prayer for the New Year

We all want 2017 to be better than 2016, don’t we! This time of year gives us a chance to evaluate our goals and set ourselves on a new course for a new year. There’s no better way to begin that process than seeking wisdom in God through prayer.


Yesterday we started a new series at Restoration Church, “Prayer: Growing a Heart for the Things God Cares Most About.” HERE is a link to my message, “Make Your Days Count in the New Year!” I hope it’s a help and blessing to you. Below are a few notes of application.