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Date: July 20, 2017
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Why I’m Taking A Break From Social Media

Hint... I'm going on vacation!

I love social media! In fact, it’s part of my livelihood (you may or may not know that I’ve recently started a consulting business to supplement my income. One thing I do is Facebook Ad management). Social media is great for staying in touch, connecting with friends and keeping current with family. It’s great for news, networking, and resources. It can also be a huge waste of time. Or worse!

Break From Social Media

Last year I decided to take a break from social media while on vacation. One of the best vacation decisions I’ve ever made! I had every intention of writing about my experience but just never did. Tomorrow I’m heading to Myrtle Beach with my family for a week and I’m going to take another break from social media.

Is BiVocational The Future For Church Leaders?

My BiVocational Story And How You Can Take The Next Step To Greater Impact And Increased Income

In August 2014 my wife and I left a steady and somewhat comfortable position to launch into the uncertain waters of church planting. Our former church financially supported us for four months, but we otherwise didn’t know how we’d survive.


Jesus, Broken And Poured Out For Us

Reflections On Mark 14:12-26 #ChallengeTheNorm

Yesterday I preached, “Jesus, Broken And Poured Out For Us,” from Mark 14:12-26 at Restoration Church. I hope it’s a blessing to you, especially if you’re struggling with challenges in your life and uncertain where Jesus is in the midst of it all. HERE is the audio.

Jesus, Broken and Poured Out For Us

Unfortunately I forgot to set my phone to airplane mode and got a call 20 minutes in, which stopped the recording! Yikes! So I’m pasting my full sermon manuscript below.

I’d love to hear from you, comment below or send me a message.

Behavioral scientists have discovered that we usually see things that we are prepared to see. It’s a network of nerve cells called the “Reticular Activating System,” which is KINDA LIKE a BRAIN FILTER. There are millions of data points floating in our brain at any one point. This BRAIN FILTER” signals what’s IMPORTANT!

Your Impossible Is God’s Possible!

Reflections On Mark 10:17-31 #ChallengeTheNorm

I’ve always been intrigued by things that seem IMPOSSIBLE, like sneezing with your eyes open, eating just one potato chip (especially Doritos), or a Washington D.C. Sports team winning in the 21st century! (come on Wizards and NATS, this is the year!)

Your Impossible is His Possibile

Have you ever felt like you were in an IMPOSSIBLE situation?

  • Parents, ever feel like making it through the day is IMPOSSIBLE!
  • Maybe you’re in a relationship that feels IMPOSSIBLE to reconcile!
  • Or like me, your bills are piled up and it feels IMPOSSIBLE to get ahead!
  • Or like many, you’re struggling with the same vice, addiction, or bad habit that seems IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of!

Let me encourage you… God loves to turn OUR impossibilities into HIS possibilities.

Yesterday I preached from Mark 10 at Restoration Church, our new church plant in Gaithersburg, MD. HERE is the audio, I hope it’s a blessing to you, especially if you’re facing what feels like an IMPOSSIBLE situation!

Below are my sermon notes. I’d love to hear from you, comment below or send me a message.

“I Can’t _____, He can!”


We all want to be successful, right? Understanding what we CAN’T do is KEY to that success. When I recognize what I can’t do… sing, design, cook, write computer programs, etc., not only does this help steer me in the right direction, but it fosters humility. And I’m proud of how humble I really am! OK, I’ve still got a long way to go, but i’m in process just like you!

Last Sunday I preached this message from Mark 8:1-21. It’s one of my favorite messages I’ve ever preached. I hope you listen and are blessed. HERE is the AUDIO. I’d love to hear your feedback. Some of my notes are below.

Seven Reasons You Should Challenge The Norm


Did you know… there are a lot of things we think of as normal that shouldn’t be? Last Sunday I preached the first part of a series in the book of Mark. The series title is Challenge The Norm, a.k.a. #ChallengeTheNorm. HERE is the audio. I hope it’s a blessing!

Challenge the Norm

SEVEN Reasons You Should Challenge The Norm

Now Doing Facebook Ad Management and Consulting!

As you may or may not be aware, I’ve been working with a group of consultants to help businesses grow their clients and profits with Facebook Ads.

The success has been awesome!


I’m looking to get more success stories in various industries. If you would like to get FREE help for the next 25 days with your Facebook ads, then send me a message, an email or private message on Facebook right now.

I only have time for 5 free spots. (You will need an ad budget of at least $500 – which will be paid directly to Facebook by you).

Leave a comment with your email, or send me an email (new business email is ed@crush-it-consulting.com) if you are interested.

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God’s Heart for the Nations

Growing a heart for the things God cares most about

HOW have you been blessed? God’s blessings include senses, like seeing, tasting, hearing, and feeling. They include the people He has brought into our lives, such as our family, friends, and neighbors. For most people God has provided a job or jobs. His blessings also include opportunities in life, like influencing others, being influenced, living where you live, and experiencing diversity. And of course God’s blessings even includes material things.

Gods Heart For The Nations

What’s the purpose of those blessingsWHY do you have the abilities, people, family, job, or influence you have? Yesterday I preached the answer from Psalm 67. HERE is the audio. Below are some notes to help grow your heart for the things God cares most about… THE NATIONS!

5 Keys to Pray Effectively

A Call to Pray

Last week I posted this question on Facebook: “Learning to pray more and preaching on prayer this month. What have been the biggest influences on how you pray?” I received a number of comments, including some great book suggestions and even a movie suggestion! Here’s my favorite comment: “You can read books and see formulas but there is no substitute for just doing it!

Yesterday I preached the second sermon in our series Pray: Growing a Heart for the Things God Cares Most About. This message was simply, “A Call to Pray.” HERE‘s the audio. Below are 5 the five keys to effective prayer via Nehemiah 1.